New name, new design, new lifestyle. The LUNA is redefining Montreal luxury. The building combines contemporary style with mid-century character. With its luxury amenities and services, it has everything for today’s fast-paced Montreal lifestyle.

The LUNA underwent top-to-bottom renovations in 2011. Major investments were made to completely modernize the distinguished building’s common areas and rental units.

Thanks to the boundless imagination of world-renowned designer Andres Escobar, the LUNA now offers a perfect blend of historic charm and contemporary luxury.

Updated common areas

The LUNA’s common areas reflect the property’s affordable luxury. They give off a contemporary vibe, yet remain true to the building’s origins. Every apartment has been renovated as well to meet residents’ exacting standards.

Apartments that redefine contemporary luxury

The LUNA’s apartments have been renovated to make the most of their space, views, and light. Kitchens have been completely redesigned in a contemporary style with open floor plans to create a warm, welcoming environment with a user-friendly ergonomic feel.

When this transformation was complete, a new name was in order. Place Elgin is now LUNA Urban Apartments. 

A new era of simple, inspired, decidedly urban living has begun.